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In April, MODSIM World 2019 will bring together attendees in the modeling and simulation (M&S) industry to focus on the impact of digital transformation. From AI and data analytics to new technologies that enable content delivery to the ever-growing use of augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR), technology is quickly evolving.

NTSA Newsletter recently featured MODSIM Conference Chair Marco Estrada and shared his thoughts on the event, which is taking place April 22-24 in Norfolk, VA, and how he sees the M&S community evolving as a whole. Here is what he had to say:

What do you regard as the key elements of MODSIM World this year?


MODSIM World 2019 Conference Chair Marco Estrada

Estrada: Our theme this year is “Enabling Digital Transformation with M&S.” We are very excited about this emphasis on how M&S can create a host of opportunities for attendees. We are focusing on the ways that Modeling and Simulation are enabling organizations to embrace digital transformations.  There are many avenues where M&S are enabling this change and we will touch on all of them, from the explosion of analytics to the growth of XR in training and content delivery.  In 2019 we are introducing Cross Reality as a new track, which aims to enhance training by utilizing M&S at the intersection of augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality.

What sets apart MODSIM World this year?

Estrada: This year we have put a special emphasis on the ways M&S is impacting industries across the world.  We are maintaining a focus on DoD, which continues to embrace the technologies of M&S, but we are also focusing on how industries outside DoD are seeing transformations empowered by M&S tools.  We are especially focusing on how the rise of analytics and AI has a core reliance on tried and true M&S techniques and tools.  We are working with NATO, Amazon, the Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization Student Capstone Conference, and other organizations to bring greater ROI to conference attendees.  This is in addition to some of MODSIM’s most popular events returning, like the Simulation Century panel and the Virtual & Augmented Reality Innovation Corner, the 2019 event will feature expanded technical sessions.

Where do you see MODSIM World going forward?

Estrada: We believe that the MODSIM World Conference will continue to grow into the evolving world of Analytics, AI, IoT and Cloud technologies.  All of these areas have roots deep in the skills, tools, and techniques that M&S professionals use every day.

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