Faces of Training Featured

As threats on the battlefield increase in sophistication,  so must the training of warfighters. Ensuring they have experienced some type of live or virtual training surrounding these sophisticated threats is critical to  preparing them for today’s new battlefield, wherever it might be. In order to do so, training industry leaders understand that the future of training must evolve to introduce troops to the most realistic scenarios possible to make them as aware as possible of what real battle is like.  In this short video, industry experts weigh in with their thoughts on where training is going over the next five years.

Chris Chinok, president of Insight Media, believes that interoperability is crucial to the future of training. He expects that the industry is going to move away from the traditional proprietary solutions and will migrate to more standard PC-based solutions and use of commercial off the shelf (COTS) technologies. This migration will offer more flexibility and agility in creating training solutions.

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