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cloud-based visual systems
Understanding Cloud-Based Visual System Architectures
The Government’s “Cloud First” policy (Kundra, 2011) set an accelerated course of government technology migration to cloud resources. Traditional on-premises
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lvc training
WHITEPAPER: Performance Measurement in LVC Distributed Simulations: Lessons from OBW
Operation Blended Warrior (OBW) 2016 marked the second year of a three-year effort to document lessons learned and understand barriers
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AR and MR
WHITEPAPER: Perceptual-Cognitive & Physiological Assessment of Training Effectiveness
Several trends within the simulation and training industry are emphasizing the need for measurable proof that training solutions meet or
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WHITEPAPER: Rendering Large Areas of Dense Trees for Flight Simulators
Rendering ultra-high realistic trees and vegetation has been achieved in most commercially available rendering solutions.
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WHITEPAPER: Effects of Visual Interaction Methods on Simulated Unmanned Aircraft Operator Situational Awareness
The limited field of view of static egocentric visual displays employed in unmanned aircraft controls introduces the soda straw effect
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WHITEPAPER: Human-in-the-Loop Flight Simulation Study of Virtual Constructive Representation on Live Avionics Displays
The integration of virtual and constructive elements into live training not only opens new training avenues, but also raises concerns
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