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Simulation Australasia, the national body for those working in simulation in Australasia, soon will be convening along with the SimHealth and SimTecT streams for the 2017 Australasian Simulation Congress (ASC). The event kicked off in Sydney, Australia today and will go through August 30, where attendees will explore the theme of “People Energizing Innovation.”

Modern Military Training closely follows the simulation community and how its innovations are shaping military training tactics today. To stay ahead of the curve and remain educated about the space, we’ve covered events like MODSIM World, I/ITSEC and ITEC. This year, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Australasian Simulation Congress, an event that brings together leaders in healthcare, training and gaming to discuss the future of simulation and what current innovative solutions the market has to offer.

Similar to previous years, Australasian Simulation Congress will bring together the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (SGSCA), SimHealth and Simulation Technology & Training (SimTecT) streams for one cohesive, simulation discussion.

“Ultimately, every application of simulation is rooted in people,” said Dr. Mike Brennan, the Chairman for Simulation Australasia Limited, elaborating on the reasoning behind the event’s theme. “Whether it’s helping individuals surpass their training goals with optimized, realistic simulation programs or alleviating infrastructure challenges that affect millions, simulation leaders must operate knowing that, at its core, our work is driven by the needs of and the experiences of people.”

Some of the sessions Modern Military Training is most excited about is Kevin Heveldt’s talk on August 30 entitled “Framework for Simulation-Based in a Military Context: Merging Constructivism with the Warrior Ethos” and “NATO Simulation Standardization Initiatives” with Kevin Galvin and Professor J Mark Pullen on August 28. Both of these sessions will explore how stronger simulation solutions enhance military training platforms and create a well-equipped warfighter.

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