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Among the challenges that arise with various simulation training systems is the lack of interoperability and the appropriate level of security for various systems. While we were on the I/ITSEC show floor, during the Operation Blended Warrior exercises, we asked several of the participants, including executives from the Joint Training Integration and Evaluation Center (JTIEC), Rockwell Collins, and CAE, about the growing demands for cross-domain and secure systems.

Kent Gritton, Director of JTIEC and Operation Blended Warrior, shares that one of their top focuses this year is tackling training across multiple security levels through the interoperation of cutting edge technologies in the industry. Kent predicts this will be a primary focus in years to come.

Rockwell Collins’ Director of Strategic Development, Nick Scarnato states, “What we need to do is to make sure that we provide secure solutions that are cyber-hardened, but more importantly when they get interoperating with other assets through networking schemes. That is really probably one of the largest hurdles I see in being able to get to where you train like you fight.”

Gene Colabatistto, Group President of Defence and Security at CAE, agrees that the current hurdle to adoption is achieving multi-levels of security and the need for secure data agility. “We have to be able to move data and move that data in a secure fashion that 1) accomplishes the training mission, but 2) doesn’t compromise any of the data or the techniques, tactics and procedures that are going to be practiced as part of that training exercise.”

Watch the full video here to learn about security’s role in cutting edge military training and simulation with experts from Operation Blended Warrior, Rockwell Collins and CAE.

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