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The Display Summit brought over 100 executives together to discus the latest in advance display technologies and its impact on pushing new applications forward. Top of mind for many of these executives was the demand of 3D technologies and the need to develop a 3D agnostic standard for greater adoption.  Prior to day one of Display Summit, many of these industry leaders participated in a workshop to share their thoughts on the future of field of light displays (FoLD) and streaming models.

The demand for an agnostic standard is being led by the Department of Defense (DoD), that has seen a dramatic increase over the past 15 years in the collection, storage, transmission and viewing of 3D technologies. DoD expects this demand to rapidly grow, as the application for 3D visualization will be critical in many aspects, including training.

The Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) has identified the need and is funding the Streaming Model for Field-of-Light Displays (SMFoLD) contract, which is awarded to Third Dimension Technologies and Oak Ridge National Laboratories. Third Dimension Technology presented at Display Summit and encouraged industry players to get involved in the discussion and participate in the development of standards.

Currently, each of the software application developers face the burden of integrating a FoLD system into the application or environment. For example, each training software created by a vendor needs to integrate with other systems but the challenge of integrating the hardware for simulators is cumbersome. Emerging hardware technologies lack a common model for streaming a 3D description.

The next step is to create a common streaming model, which includes transmission and is display technology agnostic.  The editors of Modern Military Training caught up with executives after the workshop and aske them to provide their thoughts.

Watch the video here or below.

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