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Featured IITSEC 2019

Day 1 of I/ITSEC 2019 has wrapped up and there is already so much buzz and innovation to cover. The Modern Military Training team sat in on an update about the Synthetic Training Environment from Maj. Gen. Maria Gervais and spoke with several experts from the Collins Aerospace team on the show floor about what this year’s show holds. Some of the key themes from today included the importance of evolving training solutions to empower the warfighter, as well as updates from the Army Futures Command’s CFTs. Here’s what a few of them had to share with us today:


During the update on the Army’s Synthetic Training Environment CFT, Maj. Gen. Maria Gervais focused on the importance of collaboration between industry, academia, and the services. “We don’t want a good STE, we want a great STE,” Maj. Gen. Gervais told the audience, sharing senior leader guidance. The efforts here have not gone unnoticed. In fact, it was a topic for discussion at the Congressional Panel session earlier in the day.


The evolution of training and keeping up with emerging technologies was a key topic at I/ITSEC today. With technologies moving so fast, it is critical to ensure that the training can keep up.


This sentiment was evident on the I/ITSEC show floor as well. The Modern Military Training team spoke with several exhibitors about how emerging technologies are impacting the training environment and how in today’s data-driven world, it is critical to ensure that the warfighter can take in all of the data, in a meaningful way, that enables real-time decision making.



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