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Featured IITSEC 2016
Image provided by @iitsec.

The second day of I/ITSEC kicked off with open ceremonies, hosted by Janet Spruill, Conference Program Chair. The theme of the show this year is “Pushing the Training Envelop with Live, Virtual and Constructive Training.”


According to Major General Robert D. McMurry Jr., who provided the military keynote address, LVC is meant to bring environmental complexities to life.


McMurry, is currently the Commander of the Air Force Research Laboratory, and recently told the Show Daily, that not only does training need to bring complexities to life with LVC but it has to provide “credible readiness.”

According to McMurry, “To develop that readiness you have to have systems, you have to have doctrine, and you have to have trained, ready personnel. “



So what the does the future hold for LVC in the Air Force?


“The LVC environment and the technologies that support the simulation function that is necessary to make LVC work are absolutely essential to the capabilities of the Air Force in the future,” he told the Show Daily. “We don’t do this alone. When we work with bringing these technologies on, it is a government and industry activity…and we are really inclined to view everything through a joint lens.”


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