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Augmented and mixed reality are no longer concepts of the distant future. Their technologies are already being successfully applied to several industries, and military training is no exception. Military leaders are always working towards the highest level of training effectiveness. Augmented and mixed reality technologies are able to enhance training programs with budget and time restraints in mind.

In this roundup of LVC news stories, we’ve highlighted a few trends experts are seeing with regards to applying these technologies to military settings along with some key examples of how augmented and mixed reality are shaping the course of military training programs around the world. Read more below:

Virtual Reality Games Fuel a Military Training Revolution

Virtual reality (VR) is no longer only applicable to the gaming community. Military leaders are now applying VR, augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) to training programs due to its affordability (thanks to its recent mainstreaming) and scalability. Not only do these technologies reduce the need for dangerous and expensive training scenarios, but they also allow training facilities to expand beyond the limited regional and national training centers.

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Military among the Top Industries to Benefit from Augmented Reality

The benefits of augmented reality (AR) extend far beyond gaming and entertainment. Because successful and effective training programs are essential to the military, AR has proven to be very appealing to the military community. With increased training efficacy, safer training environments and financial savings, utilizing AR in military training is a clear choice.

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New “Mixed Reality” Military Training System Boost Training Efficacy

A new mixed reality training system recently launched at I/ITSEC. The system consists of a virtual reality head-mounted display and a synthetic environment and aims to “enhance human interactive training.” The system demos can be applied to helicopters, aircraft, ships, submarines, tanks and vehicles.

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US Military Uses Augmented Reality to Strengthen Soldiers’ Decision-Making Skills

The US Department of Defense (DoD) continues to move forward with incorporating augmented reality (AR) technology with training soldiers. In the field, warfighters are faced with countless scenarios that involve swift decision-making. The DoD is leveraging AR to put these soldiers’ critical thinking skills to the test with a vast array of simulated, quick-thinking situations.

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