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Sea Air Space
Warfighter Training Modernization Discussions at Sea Air Space 2019
Last week, experts in academia, industry, and the maritime military branches gathered at Sea Air Space 2019 to discuss the
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VIDEO: Expediting LVC Training Integration with SLAAM
In a constantly changing threat landscape, it’s crucial for warfighters to be able to train for the next-generation fight now,
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Preparing for the 2019 Military Virtual Training and Simulation Summit
As military virtual training becomes a more integral piece of training today’s warfighters, it’s important for experts in academia, defense,
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AI for Training
Beyond the Hype of AI for Training: Looking at Today’s Challenges
Some of the largest companies today are data companies such as Uber, Amazon, Google, and others, each playing a role
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Measuring Training Effectiveness with Data Analytics and AI Solutions
While traditional training methods have remained mostly unchanged, training needs continue to grow in complexity. Currently, training methods are simply
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Cloud-Based Visual Systems
DOWNLOAD: Looking to Cloud-Based Visual Systems for Tomorrow’s Warfighter Training
Following I/ITSEC 2018, Modern Military Training caught up with Jeanette Ling, Principal Software Engineer in the Visual Systems group of
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