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Following I/ITSEC 2018, Modern Military Training caught up with Jeanette Ling, Principal Software Engineer in the Visual Systems group of Collins Aerospace, to discuss her whitepaper Understanding Cloud-Based Visual System Architectures (winner of the I/ITSEC 2018 Best Paper award) and learned about how military training today is leveraging cloud-based systems. As mentioned in our discussion with her, the prevalence of cloud-based technology is on the rise, especially as it relates to point-of-need (PoN) simulation, bringing with it its own challenges and hurdles.

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“It’s a balancing act to find the right combination between effective use of cloud resources, while providing acceptable performance and user experience, such that a program’s objectives are met,” Ling explained.

We dove deeper into Ling’s paper to learn more about how factors like the government’s “cloud first” policy are propelling the adoption of cloud-based technologies in the defense community. Ling noted in her introduction, “The practically limitless resources of the cloud are highly appealing for hosting visual systems to eliminate or reduce many of these negatives while providing new benefits such as ease of scalability and the opportunity for PoN simulation.”

She went on to say, “Although attractive in concept, serious limitations in training quality and effectiveness can exist depending on the implementation of a cloud-based visual system.” Her whitepaper unpacks those benefits and limitations that come with cloud-based technologies as they relate to visual training offerings and includes use cases of these applications.

Ling’s whitepaper Understanding Cloud-Based Visual System Architectures is now available for download in the Modern Military Training Resource Center. Click here to learn more about PoN simulation and how it’s changing the modern military training landscape.

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